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Not sure how to help. Here is something I ran across on the web at a Canadian woodworking site.

Felisatti router aggravations
Router died, replaced it with a Felisatti RF67/2200 3.25 HP plunge router, thought I was all good. Did not come with any attachments, not a huge surprise but I have a big issue.,

I cannot for the life of me find a base plate adaptor that will let me use standard brass guide bushings! I would love a whole new base plate, but I can't find one large enough either the existing plate is 7 21/74 in diameter (weird right?) so the rough casting of the base scrapes up against your guide (if you are using one)

the opening for the adaptor is almost 3 3/8" in diameter with 2 bolt holes 3" apart for mounting the fabled unicorn guide bushing adaptor - I need an adaptor to take the standard 1 /38" brash guide bushings.

Emailed Falisetti - mail bounced back, no help there
Emailed the Canadian distributor (veil tools) ... no response .. perfect.
Busy Bee, where I bought it, does not carry attachments.


I'm afraid you may have a metric machine. It looks like a rebranded Makita or Milwaukee. You can always try, they have a huge number of odd parts.
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