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Incidental pattern

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I almost always try to make a pattern from a model I make regardless of its intended origin. In this case, I participated in a weekly modeling contest. Great way to learn new techniques and to keep skills up. The contest theme was "time piece". This was my entry.

Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tail & brake light Hood Automotive tire

And here is the pattern from it.

Watch Silver Body jewelry Clock Analog watch

Hopefully, someone finds it useful.

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Oscar, I did notice on the timepiece model that the minute hand is on 12 but the hour hand is in between 4 and 5. But the model is a good-looking model.
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I didn't notice it until I returned to this post several times. I even imported it into Aspire and thought something looks funny but did not see it at that time.
That would make an interesting background for a sign.
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