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You gent's might recall I was seeking a table saw miter guage. Ended up with Incra 2000. Took me 20-minutes to set it up. Then cut a dozen PERFECT 90's and then a dozen PERFECT 45's and then a couple 33.5's and a few 22.5's just for the hell of it. You could match any one of the 90's and get a perfect fit, not a hair between them.
This is a VERY nice addition to my humble little Dust Dungeon. Mine came from Amazon at $127.50. I haven't even begun to tap all it's attribues yet. Came with a Shop Stop....which I guess I got free!?
Oh. And it is NICE to see something so well made. Reminds me of the old days for Mercedes and the glory days for Parker shotguns.
Ahhh....but those are other stories. Ha! :D
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