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Randy... 7-8 years ago, I began looking for a new router fence for a table i was making. I looked at em all at the time, homemade to aftermarket. Quite a selection to choose from. I choose the Incra LS17 and have never regretted it. The Fence system itself is rock solid, exceptionally well made and designed, versatile and accepts just about any of the aftermarket add-ons for a fence available. I fully expect my Incra LS to outlast me! These reasons by themselves do not make the Incra system unique. There are quite a few fence systems on the market that quite honestly (including well made shopmade units) that hold up to an Incra system.
In the end what sold me was/is the repeatability and adjustability the system offers. You just can't beat the 1/32nd down to .001 adjustments you can make with the system. In time and in use you find these features alone make the fence well worth the cost easily!!!

Those cabinet ends are beautiful. I still don't see what that fence does.
Thats kind of the point, the ability to create the kind of joinery Terry demonstrates. No doubt this kind of work is achievable outside of an Incra system, but the time and setup involved would far exceed the speed and accuracy you can have with the Incra. Once you get the hang of the system, the same principles can be applied to other aspects of tabletop router work.....
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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