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Looking for input from Incra Table saw fence users. I watched the videos on the Incra web site. I'm thinking of getting an Incra table saw fence with a router inlay based on Incra's web site videos demos. The demos are performed my a professional who does an exceptional job on the demos. I would like to get some input from real Incra users.
My questions:
1. Are the fence settings truly repeatable?
2. How well do the box joints and Dovetail joints actually work? Do the joints turn out as good as other high end Dovetail joint jigs.
3. In the demo the fence is removed and reinstalled easily. My Sawstop Pro table saw will have a right side router inlay. Can the fence be installed on the other (LEFT) side of the table saw? In other words, use the fence installed on the right during table saw operations and use the fence installed on the left when performing router operations?

All the Best
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