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I've gotten to the point now that the last thing I do before leaving the shop is turn off the dust collector. I keep a section of 4" hose (20') with a 2-1/2" reducer and maybe another 15' of 2-1/2" hose to use the vacuum. Reducing that down from the 6" gate it's connected to is a bit of overkill but does a great job. tubes with the floor attachment but that's after cleaning off the surfaces with the brush tool. The shop stays reasonably organized and clean. Of course I went down yesterday afternoon to finally setup my new Narex chisels and had to spend a bit of time compacting the boxes the Incra fence came in as well as the Sawstop router top. By time I was done with those projects both the shoulder and sciatica were acting up. The sciatica acts up after a fews hours of standing. A few hours later and I decided to have a go again managing to get several chisels sharp and ready to go. Most time consuming was flattening the backs. Then clean up and have dinner.

Now my desk is another thing altogether.....It's kinda organized.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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