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I have been using my 25" Incra positioner to make some dovetail drawers. I was having a hard time moving it forward and backward smoothly. I finally bit the bullet today and took the whole thing apart. The lead screw was tarnished looking. The lead screw is the steel screw that moves (microadjusts) and locks the fence into place. I put a brass wire brush on my grinder and moved the lead screw slowly through the wire brush and cleaned up the lead screw. There were no nicks or other buggers on the screw threads but there was some compacted sawdust and it generally looked dark. After i reassembled the lead screw back in to the housing I took a look at the arm that locks the positioner in place. There is about a 1.5" steel piece that locks into the lead screw at half and fully closed position. There was also no nicks but some compacted saw dust on the threads.

After cleaning up everything I put it all back together and it was back to moving smoothly and easily.

It is funny how to can take something for granted and at the most critical time it will fail.

I am back in love with my positioner.

I had cracked the vacuum port on the wonder fence some time ago by crashing the table into something fixed in the shop. I ordered the new parts and have had them for months. So when reassembling the fence system I put the new vacuum port on. It is now back to sucking but in a good way.

Half the time in my shop is spent cleaning and doing maintenance on equipment. Why do the maintenance fairies miss my shop.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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