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Incra TS systems

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I'd be interested in hearing some of the pro's and con's regarding the Incra Tablesaw systems.
I've no doubts about the accuracy of the units...but..
how about ease of use...
how much extra room on the positioner side is necessary...
does the positioner get accidently bumped around a good bit?
if so, does it stay put..
How functional is the fence?
Is the fence easily adapted for specific jigs etc...

thanks in advance
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Hi. There
I have had the Incra router table fence for some time and have been more pleased each time I use it. I got the 25" LS about five years ago and a couple of years ago I sent for the base mount kit to put it on my table saw. It has been a blessing to use. To be able to make the same cut after changing the fence setting and going back with complete accuracy. Moving the bridge up to the router table on the left side and than back to the table saw fence stops and it still being on the money. The fence has tracks in the top and the front for attaching add on's. Where my saw sits there is a little room to the right so the fence can be open to it's full width and have room for the positioner.
Yes it takes up more room the a regular fence but the cuts that you can make with it is worth any inconvenience that you may have. As far as being tough and solid it is. Even when cutting big and heavy pcs.
So it may not be for every one but I think that after using one for a while most people would love it. I would probably not want to go back to my old fence and I did have a good fence.

Hope this helps, Bob
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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