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Incra TS systems

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I'd be interested in hearing some of the pro's and con's regarding the Incra Tablesaw systems.
I've no doubts about the accuracy of the units...but..
how about ease of use...
how much extra room on the positioner side is necessary...
does the positioner get accidently bumped around a good bit?
if so, does it stay put..
How functional is the fence?
Is the fence easily adapted for specific jigs etc...

thanks in advance
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test, test., test
Hey James...

I was doing a little housekeeping, figuring out how to get a few threads into my gallery and ended up posting to see if something had worked...none the less...

Yes, I've got to agree with you. I was/am rather surprised myself, Fortunately there has been plenty said in other threads. Enough at least to confirm my initial thoughts that this is a system well worth the investment.

My only real concern is having to move things around in my shop to allow for a "straight on" view of the cursor when making adjustments. Since the far right side of my table sits in front of a structural column.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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