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Couple of more things--seems like the LS has room for 5 of the templates at a time (maybe not, or might be 4 plus the magnetic rule). On my table saw (TS-LS) I keep the steel rule plus 2 other rules set for different blades (use a 1/8 normally, thin kerf at times, and for segmenting pen blanks I use a 7.25" with 1/16-ish kerf)--so my zeros are always set (I change blades a lot). Do the same on the router tables--if i'm using their templates I can keep both the A and B from a set in place in case I need to go back for more.

I'm done. Thanks for listening. I'm a believer, when I started WWing, I never thought i'd see an Incra Fence in person and couldn't imagine how somebody could spend that much on aluminum. The two on router tables and the one on the table saw are some of the best tools I own, have helped my skill set, and have made a mediocre (cheap) table saw accurate enough to not make it necessary to seek my Holy Grail--i'll still do it, but because I want to not need to!!
Thanks for that tip. I'm not sure I've been doing that!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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