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Incra Wonder Fence Dust Post (does it matter which side)?

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Hi folks. I’m working on a combo torsion box assembly table, TS outfeed table, router table. It will have an Incra LS positioner with wonderfence, PC 7518, and Jessem lift.

Question: I want to put the router to the far right of the table and wish to have the Wonderfence dust port on the right side of that fence so it hangs over the side of the table for the shop vac access. Also Under table DC box with 4”port. I digress.

All pictures I find of the Wonderfence show the dust port on the left such as:


so the question is will the fence DC port work as well installed on the other side (right).

The way I see it it may work even better because the router bit will be hitting lumber as the bit goes left to right as we stand looking at the fence.

Your thoughts?
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Hi. I have the same setup only I use the Milwaukee 5625. I use mine the way the photo shows. I’ve had no issues with chip extraction whatsoever. It’s possible that Incra has it this way for a reason.
Thanks for your reply. I guess it’s an empirical question. I may have to experiment with the vacuum adapter at each end of the fence and compare the results. It would be much more convenient if it worked on the right side since the fence is located at the right end of a long table and the hose could hang down the side of the table.
Hey no problem. It works for me as my shop is small and I have to move the table anyways. The table is fantastic and it’s one of my “ I wonder what I did without it purchases”. Also you may notice that maybe why they included the 90 degree end adapter.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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