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You have the basic idea, some of what varies is the width of cut..... 4", 6" and 8" are common sizes, I own a 4" and 6" got them in that order.

The next part is the length of the table, the longer the table the better.

Next is if both the infeed and outfeed table are adjustable. Some lower priced ones might have a fixed outfeed.

Most will do rabbets, a feature I don't use but you might.

See how hard it is to change blades.... This can take a while and it is not too hard to nick a knife and that will leave a track on the wood so you will have to change/sharpen them and getting them set again can be time consuming.

Neither of mine have dust collection.... the 6" one I built a sheet metal duct to keep it from building up under the machine.... now you don't really get dust.... it is wood chips and a lot of them but it would be nice to have them sucked up.

I guess that is a short list of things to think about.....

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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