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I'm about to bite the bullet and spend $109 on a DeWalt 18 volt battery. However I see that I can get a new 20 volt impact driver , two new batteries and a charger for $99.00. The drawback is that the batteries are only 1.3 amp hr. Has anyone used the 1.3 amp hr batteries and if so what is the downside.

DEWALT ATOMIC 20-Volt MAX Cordless Brushless Compact 1/4 in. Impact Driver, (2) 20-Volt 1.3Ah Batteries, Charger & Bag DCF809C2 (
Another option is the Ridgid 18volt with one 2 amp hr battery for the same price BUT the battery and tool are guaranteed for life.
RIDGID 18V Cordless 1/4 in. Impact Driver Kit with 2.0 Ah Battery and Charger R86002K (
To me a no brainer for the DeWalt driver kit for that price. Go online or Amazon and get a 5 , 5 or 6ah compatible battery for a lot less $. I bought a 6ah off brand and it works great with great power and use time. You`ll find that the 1.3ah DeWalt battery will do just fine for the most part.
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