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Inra Lift or Triton Router? Have Incra LS Table

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I have a Bosch 1617 plunge and fixed kit. I also have an Incra LS router system and the matching magna lock plate and a complete set of the magnetic smaller inserts. (bought it all used of CL with 100 bits)

The Fixed bosch base is mounted in my router table and bit changes and height adjustment is a chore. The above table height adjustment only work when I reach down and unlock the router. The router drops 1/8"-1/4" every time. The adjustment C clip retainer has popped off several times.

I'm trying to decide if I should get the Incra lift or go with a plunge router like a Triton that has above table adjustments.

I currently have one full size router and trim router, bosch 1617 & colt, and often will use the 1617 in table and out. I'll also use it to trim brass for reloading rifle rounds on a press.

Sooo.....if I get the Incra lift I'll likely hunt down a deal on a motor just for the lift eventually. If I go the direction.
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That sounds like a very nice way to do it to me. Anyone using your instructions should get great results. There are many ways to accomplish things, your method seems sound to me. I use micro adjust in similar ways, like in your method usually the micro adjust isn't used initially, but to tweak adjustments.

The thing I like most about the micro adjust is the movements I make directly relate to eh measurement on my digital dial caliper. So if I count spins on the micro screw I know how much it moves, feelers are so much more cumbersome at best, far less precise at worst. I use this same method for mating matched radii when I use a circle jig as opposed to making a perfect height adjustments, but the theory is the same.
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