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Insert plate for 5625

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Hey folks,

New member here. I'm finally getting around to building a new router table. I have a Milwaukee 5625 to go in it, but ran into a snag with the insert plate. On Sunday I ordered the Woodpeckers pro aluminum plate because I like the features. I even paid for 3 day shipping because I need to get this table up and running ASAP to complete a project. So today, Wednesday, I get an email order update from woodpeckers that the plate is on back-order until 8/25...3 weeks away! I went back to their site, and sure enough, now it says won't ship until after 8/25. I can't wait that long. It certainly didn't say that on Sunday.

So, now I need to find a good plate, preferably with through the top height adjustment, but that's not an absolute requirement. I want very good quality, leveling screws, and price is no object. I do NOT want a router lift (there's a personal reason for that).

So shoot it at me. Best plate on the market that doesn't come from woodpeckers.

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Not a clue, I make all my own, no screws in them either. You might want to try making your own.
Found the Incra Magnalock. Looks like a good plate. Anyone have one?
Not a clue, I make all my own, no screws in them either. You might want to try making your own.
This is a heavy router. I could probably find the stock, but machining would be a problem.
The Incra is a solid plate. I got tired of saggy homemade ones and found a deal on an Incra plate and table top. Love it. The levelling of the plate is a function of the table though, dunno if that's the way your table is.
Theo just bolted his to the bottom side of the 1/2" plywood he uses for his top. If you are careful when you cut the rabbets for the plate you won't need the leveling screws. You can add shims to correct it being too deep. I got a little too deep on the last table I made which was mdf with an HP lam top and I figured set screws would dig into the mdf too easily so I drove 6-8 wood screws through the lip of the rabbet and leveled them instead. Worked great. Grizzley sells a plate for $13 that works just fine but you have to drill and mount the router yourself. I don't leave them in the table when I'm not using them though. I also drilled a hole through for my above table adjustment.
Woodpecker and Kreg lifts are virtually identical. On that assumption, try taking a look at the inserts that Kreg offers.
Well, I ordered the Incra before I left for work this morning. When I got home this evening I called woodpeckers to cancel my order and guess order shipped today!!??? What? I asked her why I got an email saying it wouldn't ship until after 8/25 but she couldn't answer that. So I guess I have a couple of options now. I will wait until both show up and do a comparison. I could keep the better of the two and send the other back, or I could keep both and have a great excuse to build a second table for one of my smaller routers. Maybe change the whole table design and build a double router station. Oh the possibilities...
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