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Insert plate for 5625

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Hey folks,

New member here. I'm finally getting around to building a new router table. I have a Milwaukee 5625 to go in it, but ran into a snag with the insert plate. On Sunday I ordered the Woodpeckers pro aluminum plate because I like the features. I even paid for 3 day shipping because I need to get this table up and running ASAP to complete a project. So today, Wednesday, I get an email order update from woodpeckers that the plate is on back-order until 8/25...3 weeks away! I went back to their site, and sure enough, now it says won't ship until after 8/25. I can't wait that long. It certainly didn't say that on Sunday.

So, now I need to find a good plate, preferably with through the top height adjustment, but that's not an absolute requirement. I want very good quality, leveling screws, and price is no object. I do NOT want a router lift (there's a personal reason for that).

So shoot it at me. Best plate on the market that doesn't come from woodpeckers.

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Woodpecker and Kreg lifts are virtually identical. On that assumption, try taking a look at the inserts that Kreg offers.
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