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Hi, new here and 1 reason I joined the forum is for the cnc part of the forum, And the reason for the cnc is I plan on building a new cnc router for doing intarsia and many other things. Is logic trace a program or a service? Couldn't find much about it.
A while back I built a small CNC router that I used for intarsia. But before I could get any were with it I got sick and things went to crap in a hand basket for a while, Now I'm better and looking to start again. A few of my intarsias I have done, have more, doing the dfx patterns took for ever, having to do the model first then tracing out the pattern was a dog to do, would logic trace be a fast process?
Doing the intarsia is a snap to do, about 20 minutes to cut out each one then an hr or so to machine.

The spread eagle is a model I was awarded from vectric for doing an intarsia of one of their free models, they liked it so much they gave me the model. The rest are my own designs.


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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