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Hello, I don't do any routing, but I do a lot of Intarsia work. Does anyone out there do any of that??
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Hi jim

Yes .I do ,I'm making the dog in the old shoe right now it's alot of work but it's fun and I can use alot of my scraps of hardwood :) b/4 then get put into the trash can or fire place. :)

I did send off for about 30 full size plans and I have only got two done because the old craftsman scroll saw I had so I got a new Dewalt 20" one that will do the trick. and with the wonder wheel on the grinder, and that helps them come out neat. :) G. Reg. Intarsia p5.html
Item # I-210 G. Reg. Intarsia p1 .html

You may want to check out the new item on the Forum

and check out the Mikes link for the blades, they are great for intarsia :)
The #3 will cut 3/4" hardwood so clean it's hard to tell it was cut out, it looks like it was stamped out, that clean.

Bj :)

Jim, if you have some snapshots please post some :) I'm sure others would enjoy them also.


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Hello jimep, welcome to RouterForums!
Hi jimep

Please take a look at the snapshots and let me know if you have made the dog in the shoe Intarsia.

Bj :)
Welcome to the Router Forums. I have never done any intarsia work but want to give it a shot one of these days!

Hey Corey

Here's one you may want to try :) just for kicks...

It's a Fox Bank :) fun to make and keeps the scraps from going into the fire place.

I make alot of banks and this is just one of them. :)
WhiteWolft710 may like the last picture (Wolft) :)
whale is walnut & poplar on a MDF board.

Bj :)


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Yeah it is, that wolf is really cool!!

BJ that stuff is amazing !!!!
I can only dream of doing things like that right now.
I plan on looking into what it takes to do that type of work though.
I have no idea as of now.... so Loooong road a head of me I think LOL !

It's a fun thing to do with the scroll saw..and a good way to use up the table scraps :)

Just a place to hang the keys :) see below



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Greetings and welcome to the router forum. Thank you for joining us.

BJ that is some amazing work there, I have never heard of Intarsia before today, what kind of wood working art is it?
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