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Interesting Way To Make A Mortising Jig

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I needed to make a mortising jig to use with a plunge router and guide bushing. Due to the size I needed it would be used only once so I didn't want to spend a lot of time making it. I had just received the latest edition of Fine Homebuilding magazine and one of the articles was about making such a jig with a sliding compound miter saw. The author just drew the outline of the needed opening in the center area of the jig/template board, set and locked the saw blade over the center area of the board and made 4 plunge cuts on the outline lines. Quick and Easy.
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Here is yet another simple mortise jig.


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I made a simple one a year ago so that I could make a screen door with floating tenons. I took one pice of ply that registered against the edges and started laminating pieces to it that would sit on top of the work. That allowed me to cut them as strips on the TS which ensured that the slot would always be parallel to the edges. The second strip added was on the opposite side of the slot and I used the guide bush to space it so that the slot didn’t have any slop in it. It took around 15-20 minutes to make. If you want to offset the joint then make the jig for the mortise farthest from an edge and then use a spacer for the offset with the others (as in mortising aprons to legs).
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