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Into to somers96

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I live in SE PA Northern Chester County East Vincent TownShip N40 09.144 W75 36.667.
Retired from Aerospace(GE)/Aircraft(Boeing)/Software(LMC).
Raised in NJ, Service(4yrs USCG), Washington State with Boeing and PA with GE & LMC.
Have been a sawdust maker since 1953, first router 1961 (Stanley 7/8hp).

Mostly personal stuff and home repair work.

Like to use hand tools, competent with table saw, less with router and will not use wood lathe (had accident with thrown skew chisel, and have avoided since, gave away my delta lath with the reeves drive). :'(
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Welcome to the forums. I spent a wonderful summer on Long Beach Island, and a far less desireable one at Ft Dix.
Welcome to the Router Forums somers96. Glad to have another retiree join us.
Welcome Somers96. Yeah, the skew can raise the pucker factor that is for sure. I do like to turn on my little red mini !

W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!

You will enjoy it here!
Gday Somers.....I only have 30 short years to go and I will be retired too!!..........sigh
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