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Intro and Sale of 6040z

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Hi all I am a retired 68 year old into crafting, I have always enjoyed woodworking although I am not an expert I get by pretty well, over the years I have purchased lots of boy's toys to use in the workshop. I live in a village just outside Malmesbury in Wiltshire.
a couple of years ago I bought a 6040Z 1500w router set up cost at the time £1100, I set it up with a dedicated computer and water tank, loaded the Mach 3 software along with the operating software and spent some weeks trying to use it, I managed at the time to set the 3 axis up and even make a simple sign using the Wizard software that was with the Mach 3 software, I never even connected the chuck assy. 4th axis, there it stood in my workshop unused as I have under gone 3 separate operations including open heart surgery last March, which kept me out of the workshop, I seem to be fine now, but I have forgotten all that I managed to learn, so today I have decided to sell the whole kit, computer and water tank thrown in along with any bits I bought for it. I know I will not get my money back but I am open to sensible offers, viewing is always an option by prior arrangement. I can be contacted by email richard (email deleted by moderator)
Thanks for even reading this post
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Welcome to the forum Richard sorry to hear of your health problems. Pictures may assist with selling your unit.
Pictures posted on behalf of Richard.
He can be contacted by email (deleted by moderator)


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Hello Richard and welcome. Our forum owners ask that we do not display personal information that could pose a security risk to you. We had a Private Message system in place so that any interested members can contact you and email addresses or phone numbers can be shared there. Good luck.
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