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Hi Guys
I am a soon to be retired diy -er and keen woodworker / metalworker who hopes to indulge my passions now that I have some free time in my workshop.
Love to see what other people do and where possible exchange ideas and pick brains. I hope to explore new avenues of tool usage, workshop setup and furniture/ project design.
Just finished installing my dust collection setup and am raring to go!:smile:
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Hello and welcome to the router forum, Styx
Howdy and welcome to the router forums N/A....
we put together a information library on routering at this here link and one on dust collection at this here link...

enjoy.. we hope they are of some use to you....
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome aboard Styx,

Come sail away on the router pirate ship.

Welcome to the Router Forums.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to the Forum, have found the perfect site...enjoy and jump in...

Which dust collector did you get...?
Hi Nick
Its a local model Carbatec 3hp Bag and filter. Sucks like a tornado.
It has 3 bags and is a bit big for the space. I am going to try and fit an after market cyclone to it but but as with all things dust collector related none of the ports fit any of the hoses or pipes available so am doing some heat molding of PVC pipes.
Its a non grounded PVC system in 10cm piping that is totally incompatible with any US based dust ports.
If I can figure out how to upload will send you some piccys if you would like
Thank you all for such a warm welcome. It looks like a great place to be.
I am already learning heaps as I have been browsing through the topics.
What an inventive bunch!!
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Hi Peter, a little late saying hello, but, HELLO.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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