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I'm new to routing. Got myself a combination plunge/fixed base router from Rona and a couple of assortments of bits in 1/4 and 1/2 shank sizes.
My next project was to setup my dovetail jig, until I found out my brass guide was too deep!
(I'm a used electrician, so I'm used to things not working out!)
I could use some advise on what bits should be considered essential for general use. Does anyone know what Bob Rosendahl's 5 essential bits are?
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Hi chathamite

If you are using a standard BRASS guides you can grind it down just a bit but with care :)
oN THE SIDE of the wheel or on a belt sander,just get your hole saws out and find the right size for your guide and cut it just a bit smaller than the guide then screw it in, you can use just about any type of wood to make a jig to hold the guide because it will get HOT when you rework it and you need something to hold on . :)

Then just take a edge remer or some fine sand paper and remove the sharp edge,NOT a file.

I don't see a list for "5 essential bits are?" but I do see where he listed 9 of them.

Bobs Choice Bit Set (9)
Hi Chathamite

Welcome to the router!!! :D :D

If you search the Off Topic Discussion thread, you will find the voting booth, where members have voted on their most popular router bits and provided their comments.


Take a good look through previous postings and you will find many answers to questions you haven't even asked yet!

Hope you enjoy this forum!!!!

:cool: :cool: Ric :cool: :cool:
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Welcome chathamite, to the router forums. I liked the "used electrician". I know how you feel. When ever possible buy bits with a 1/2" shank. Be "SAFE" and enjoy routing.
Thanks for the good advice. I never considered the heat build up, but I guess that would quickly be painfully apparent! But then as an electrician, I've learned to thrive on abuse.

You're Welcome chathamite

My son is a electrician and he is always taking about the abuse playing with HOT wires :) :) LOL, I ask him why not turn off the power 1st and he said sometimes you can't. LOL

Then I said I guess you will need to learn to live with the abuse then ..
He likes to get zap now and then he said LOL, electricians. :)

Bj :)
Would Chatamite be a reference to Chatam, ONT?
Hey chathamite, welcome. I'm just down the road from you in Windsor.

If we keep getting all these members from Ontario we will end up with our own chapter of Possum Lodge...
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