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While I always keep a little bottle of Gorilla glue around for fixing odd ball stuff I have yet to see any useful application in wood working. gorilla glue expands and foams which was great when my visiting daughter busted a plastic foot on her over sized travel briefcase that had pull up handles and wheels. the gorilla glue foamed into the interior cavities of the molded leg and after being clamped all night I simply trimmed the excess foam away and three years later now she still uses her travel bag.

If you can get TiteBond III in your neck of the woods, it would be excellent for the gluing you describe after years of the white and yellow aliphatic resin glues which are stronger then wood I switched to Titebond III which is water resistant and gives you a little slower set time " more work time" . I'm on my 4th bottle. Any of the wood glues are stronger than wood assuming you good surface contact even thin coat of glue on both side surfaces, clamp and allow set and dry time. Save you Gorilla glue for steel to plastic or sticking a piece of rusted fender back on your car :)....

Good luck with the table, post a picture here and there along the way and when finished.
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