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Good day!

I'm brand new to the forum and new to woodworking in general. I've completed two projects using what I call "rough build" techniques. As I don't have any experience in joinery yet, the bookcase and cabinet I've built use mostly screws, glue and gravity to keep everything supported.

I have recently purchased a router. It's a Porter Cable 894 kit with fixed and plunge base. I've registered for two classes at my local Woodcraft store to get experience with router safety and basic technique as well as a class on using a router table. Which incidentally is my next project - building a router table. As my skill and confidence are still green, I decided to purchase the table top and router plate. I'm going to build the cabinet portion.

As for personal stuff: I've just turned 40 and got married for the first time last October. I live in the Chicago area and am a wide area network engineer for a global telecom company.

I'm a big fan of The Router Workshop series and I love the great precission they get with good technique and simple set ups.

All the best,

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Welcome Mike!

You won't be sorry with this forum, there's lots of experience out here!
Welcome Mike. There is a lot to be learned on this forum and a bunch of nice people that will answer your questions.
I retired from Lucent Technologies in '99 as a central office installer and just recently started woodworking also so don't be shy, jump right in and ask away.
Welcome to the forums Mike. You will find a freindly bunch of woodworkers here with experience and knowledge. Hope to see you jump and participate. Remember we were all "Green" when we started woodworking. Be "SAFE" and enjoy.
Welcome Mike to the forums. Let us know if we can help you!

W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d . . Mike !!

You will like it here... You will learn a lot too... :)
Thanks! I appreciate the warm welcome. I'm looking forward to the time I'll spend here learning from everyone's experiences. Hopefully I'll be able to chime in from time to time to add a nugget of info or some of my own newbie experiences.
Welcome Mike. I suggest you click on the blogs link and select Sawdust dreams. This is my blog and it contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. I look forward to your participation on the forums.
Welcome Mike, lots of great information to be had here.
Welcome Mike..... just watch that other Mike we let hang around here, he has flat runners on his rocky horse ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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