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Introducing Template Tom

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I have produced a number of PDF files on the material I have been writing about and as an experiment I have submitted the first two pages. This will give you an insight into who templatetom is. If it is successful and there is any interest, I will post other information for you to view of a number of subjects I have written about. E.g. Buying a new router and what to look for may be of interest
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Tom, thank you for the post. I, for one, would be greatly interested in further (PDF) posts from you. I have a feeling they would be very educational and an immense help to beginners as well as experienced router users.
Awesome post Tom, I'm another who would be very interested to see more posts. I'm a raw beginner with routers and though I'm learning, every assistance is most welcome. You've expressed yourself very well and are an easy read so far.

Thank you for this post.
Stop teasing us Tom and post more of this. Fantastic writings by a fantastic artist and man.
While a picture is worth a thousand words and written words can convey meanings, there is no substitute for actually speaking with a person. As George will attest, Tom is an absolute pleasure to speak with. I encourage members to install Skype on their computers and do so. Skype is a free program similar to many others and it allows you to video and voice chat, send files and messages. We have had many interesting conversations and a good many laughs as well.
Amen to that Mike. Tom is one of a kind.
I would urge everyone to download Skype. How else could you talk to someone from Australia, Canada, or anywhere in the world for that matter for an hour for free? :sold:
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