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Introduction - new comer

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Hello one and all. My name is Don and I am semi-retired living in south central KY. In my earlier life I was an Architect/Estimator/Construction Manager/Builder. On occasion I still work on some projects as they present themselves. I also have a small farm with the usual critters and am seriously considering growing blueberries commercially.

As for hobbies, I used to hunt with gun and bow, fished often when living in Wisconsin, and have been an on again/off again hobby woodworker which I am currently pursuing more fervently as time permits.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Welcome Don, and congratz on the retirement!
Welcome to the forum. Anybody who hunts with a bow, fishes, and works with wood is alright in my book. "Used to" means you are on a sabatical, right?
Hey Don, welcome to the community :)
G’day Don

Welcome to the router forum.

Thank you for joining us
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