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Introduction - Peter Melton

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Introduction - MiamiSnookII

Hello everyone,

Great forum and thanks.

I used to be MiamiSnook, but I has problems with the password so now I am the new and improved MiamisnookII. By the username you can tell that the first love is fishing and since I live in beautiful Miami, Florida it just seems natural. I have always loved wordworking but since I lived in a very small apartment it became very difficult to pursue that hobby. I just recently bought a new home and I have room to start woodworking. My two favarote show are New Yankee workshop and Router Workshop (thanks to TIVO I can see them again and again).

I am in the process of buying the first items for my workshop; router, table saw etc. My first project is getting/building a router table (I love the Router Workshop table from Oak Park...just a little rich for me right now, I may go for the plans and the kit and try to make it myself...what a better way to learn). Project two is some bookacases, I have tons of boxes that I can't get rid of until I store those books.

I look forward to learning and eventually sharing with the forum, for now...I'l just ask lots of questions..


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Welcome to the forums MiamiSnookII, Peter. Look forward to seeing and interacting with you and your posts.
Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.
Peter, welcome to the forum, I look forward to discussing different router related topics with you.
Welcome to the forum to the forum Pete.
Sharing and learning is what this forum is about. Even some fun games thrown in too. Glad to have you with us Peter.

the "Doctor"
Welcome Peter, you will learn alot here , alot of great info. My first router table i made, still have it but then decided to buy one.. I wanted a Jess_em but $$$$$ didnt allow me too so i bought the Freud.
I also have the 3 1/4 hp router. I also made a table for the end of my Tablesaw and installed a Freud Micro fence., so i can have two set up at times.
Very handy when doing door stiles and railes.
The Micro fence is great for doing french dovetailed joints..When you need to only move the fence 0.01 you can.
!/2 the fun of woodworking is buying the Tools..LOL I bought a workshop full over the last year.Havent had any regrets..I like to buy quaility tools.
Hope you injoy the forum

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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