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Introduction Thread

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Greetings to All!

I am just getting started in woodworking and so far have had some small success with a few projects. No real skill, just beginners luck. I ran across the woodworkingchannel, saw the router program and here I am. Right now work in getting in the way of making saw dust, but I am in the market for an new router and want to build a new table. I will have many questions in the future.

I am looking forward to catching up on the prior postings.

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Welcome Chuck. Lots of great posts here to check out. Got to the Blogs link on the main forums page, there is some good info there, especially on Sawdust Dreams. Looking forward to your posts! Don't yah hate the job always get's in the way of fun!

Welcome to the Router Forums Chuck. We are pleased that you found us and decided to register. As a member you will find this a very friendly forum, with members more than willing to help. Our members are knowledgeable and we have all kinds of woodworkers from all walks of life. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, (we only have one level) everyone is equal. So, ask them questions and join in the group Participation here can be fun.
Hi Chuck!

W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!

You've come to the right place.
Welcome Chuck. We like to have fun here so don't hesitate to join in.
Welcome Chuck, lots of great information and very knowledgeable people. You'll find all the answers to your woodworking questions here.
Welcome to the community chuck :D
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