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My name is Charlie .I am happy to join you all. I have been woodworking for many years but I still have much to learn. I am from Western North Carolina. Just the other day I bought a new Triton router to go under my table. I fought the dreaded switch interlock for an hour before figuring it out. If I had just done a search on here!
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Welcome to the forum, Charlie. You will find lots of helpful information here as well as a bit of humor.
Welcome to the forum Charlie. :)
Hello and welcome to the router forum, Charlie’s
@charlsara - Welcome to the forum Charlie - you'll find a lot of friendly knowledgeable folks here. You've got a nice collection of tools at your disposal, but if you're looking to buy more, we like to spend other people's money. We're glad you joined and we look forward to your contributions
Hi Charlie, glad you could join in the frolic. This place is packed with info.
Welcome to the forum Charlie.
Hi Charlie and welcome.
Hi Charlie, welcome to the forum!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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