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New here and fairly new to woodworking but my grandfather did amazing work prior to WWII, so I'm hoping it is in my DNA. Looking to add an extension wing router table to my late '80s unisaw and doing some research landed me here.

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Welcome. You might also check into “Woodworkingtalk”
Welcome to the forum. I tried the same thing but failed . My error was to fasten my lap jointed pieces to the table wing I had made with pocket hole screws .
All I needed for the torsion box was glue imo , and screws after it dried if it bothered me .
You can’t have too many router tables though, and I plan on having a separate one , and one in my table saw wing also.
I‘m kicking myself for buying an Incra top, as I’d scratch build a router table with two routers in it if I could do it all over again.

I hope you post pics of your progress. :)
You'll probably be best off building a table and attaching it to the rails that extend past the iron top and support the fence. You'll probably have to drill some holes in the rails. Getting the router top even with the top of the iron may be a challenge. You might also consider the alternative of making an outfeed table with the router underneath. Rockler has a kit for mounting the outfeed table. My outfeed table is made with 1x trusses underneath to keep it flat. Use some very flat Baltic Birch ply that you hand select for flatness. You might want to add a hardwood edge to screw into through the rails.

If you do a double layer, 1/2 inch on top, 3/4 underneath, it is easy to cut the opening in the top to fit the router mounting plate, and cut the hole beneath smaller to leave a lip. Then you can use screws or the Kreg leveling device to the height just right. If you're interested, you can overlay some laminate on top with contact cement using dowels to align the laminate, then remove them one by one and roll the laminate down with a J roller. Start from the middle, and work toward the sides to avoid trapping air. Read the glue instructions carefully.

I have a separate table, which sits near the front of the saw so I can pull it over and use it for infeed support. The one issue I'd have is that when using the extension for the router, you can't use the saw. Not a huge thing, but once in awhile the issue will turn up.
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Welcome to the forum.
Hey Cliff,

Welcome! It’s good to have you here. I’ve been dabbling with woodworking for a while, but I’ve decided to take things slow and try to walk before I run (accident with the old circular saw. Let’s just say I can’t flip the bird as good as I used to, lol).

In any case, I think you’re at the right place. There are plenty of experienced folks (and some genuine experts) here, so I think you can benefit from them greatly. If you’re also down for some fun while taking a break from woodworking, feel free to join me at WooCasino - Latest Woo Casino Bonus Offers – AU$300 SignUp Offer. First round’s on me!
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