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Good day everyone

My real name is Niki but I decided on “simplenik” because:

We are saying, lets make everything simple.
But some are saying: why to make it simple, if you can make it complicated…
And others are saying: why to make complicated, if you can make it impossible…

I’m an amateur woodworker and I like to make my jigs at a simple way without special parts or designs.

In the next days, I will have some questions but also share with you my “patents” and maybe you will improve them for me.

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Simply Welcome Niki

Welcome Niki, to the forums. Always glad to welcome another retiree. As for questions, ask away. There are some great people here, with all kinds of knowledge to answer your questions. I too like the KISS method. "Keep It Simple Stupid". :D Again, welcome to the forums.

the "Doctor"

Thank you for the nice welcome.

Welcome to the forums Niki! Glad you decided to join!
Thank you –Sam-
I think I’ll enjoy here.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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