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Hello everyone,
I am an ex-truckdriver trying to pursue a new career as a woodworker.I took a fine woodworking course last year in Nelson British Columbia and am currently trying to pursue an joinery apprenticeship.I have just been hired at a custom cabinet and wood window shop.I am looking for some information on terminology and methods of building wood windows to get a jump on my education.
Thanks, "Wannabe" woodworking
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Welcome Wannabe! Try browsing through the Glossary section to start. You might also want to send a private message to Template Tom asking to see his solid wood and glass cabinet doors. Tom is a master of using templates and guide bushings.
Hey Wannabe! Welcome to the forums.
Welcome wannabe. I am glad to see you have the courage to try something new. I hope you succede in your new career choise.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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