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Hi, As the introduction above has said, I have not posted before on this site. I am strictly an amateur and tend to make whatever my wife asks for. So far I have been lucky and everything has turned out well. For many years I have had a Delta scrollsaw but used it very little because I was somewhat afraid of it, particularly when a blade broke. Recently I purchased a Ryobi 18" saw and at the same time met a fellow who used one for just about everything he does in woodworking. A long chat with him plus the prospect of meeting with likeminded hobbyists next week as the Fall season meetings get into full swing and I do believe that I will have found myself a whole new interest over and above my fascination with the router. Enough for now, and I promise to keep you posted as I discover new and interesting things to do with my scrollsaw. BK
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Hello brukitch, welcome to the forums!
Hi brukitch, welcome to our group. We now have a scrollsaw section on this forum. You will find we have some very talented and experienced scrollsawyers here. Two to mention: scrollwolf and whitewolf710. Be "SAFE" and enjoy yur woodworking.
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