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like several others who have joined the forum, I am a hobby woodworker. My main tool is a Shopsmith with the bandsaw accessory, along with a few other bench top tools that fit into my small workspace.

I don't have any specialty as I like to try to make many different things that I see in magazines, etc.

As for the router, my experience is limited to pretty much guided edging bits used with the router table. I hope this forum will give me some tips and the confidence to try more complicated operations.

St. Lambert, QC
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Hey John, welcome to, the forum is full of useful information and tips, if you can't find information you're seeking. Create a thread and I'm sure someone will post whatever you need, we have tons of knowledgeable and talented members.
Hi there John and welcome to the forums. I believe this is the place for tips and I hope your confidence level rises. I'm sure you will find these forums enlightning.
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