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Hi from Mick in Australia.Currently I can't think of anything I want to ask,but I like to read through the forum and pick up ideas.I'm a double amputee(left arm & leg) hence the name lefty.I like to most aspects of woodwork and am currently making a coffee table for my daughter from a red gum burl that some friends and I cut with a chainsaw mill.
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Hi and Welcome Mick
this is a great site with lots of crafty people and full of very useful information.
Welcome Mick. I hope you will post a photo of the redgum table when it is finished. I love the tone of the wood.
Welcome Mick to the Forums!

G'day Mick. Welcome to our community of woodworkers. Glad to hear you are not letting your physical disabilities stop you from enjoying woodworking. When you get the table done, please post some pics.
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