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I am retired and like to putter with new ideas I think up. I watch Router Workshop and The New Yankee Workshop, but I have never made any of the projects seen on the shows. Instead I apply the techniques shown the shows to my own projects. One of my attributs is to take a standard item and enlarge or shrink it to fit the job as necessary. When I am not occupied in my shop and spend time practicing and performing on eithe my trumpet or viola. It is just as much a challenge as woodworking. But my biggest fullfillment here lately is to sound TAPS for deceased veterans and retirees at military funerals. If you have any questions just ask; I probably don't have an answer but I may express my opinion.
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Welcome RETIREE kowzan. Glad you found the router forums.
Welcome to the forums kowzan. Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!

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