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My name is Kevin DSouza. I live at Mumbai in India. I'm a sound engineer turned studio designer and builder. A recent bad experience with a supposed expert solid wood workshop left us (my business partner, also a sound engineer) looking for better options (one that involved an appreciation for accuracy and schedule). We decided after asking around to start our own workshop. I have an engineering education and think that workshop work is a combination of carpentry and engineering principles (any argument there?) and hope to, with the help of good machines obviously, reading material and forums like this one to be able to outfit a good setup
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Hello Kevin. Welcome to the forum. We have some very knowledgeable people here that love to answer questions and by the same token can ask some very good ones too. To get the most out of the experience it is best to be active... asking and answering, so don't be shy either way.
G'day Kevin. Sounds like you've got the right approach. When you say sound engineer, do you mean you'll be involved in building speaker cabinets? Any way, welcome to the forum.
Hi All,
Thanks for the replies. Makes me feel welcome.
nzgeordie, as sound engineer, I mix music for feature films, albums, ad commercials, etc. Yes, speaker cabinets are on the list of projects we'll get into, but a bit later. For now, we working on acoustic doors along with their frames. Besides acoustic products, we need to get into either job work for clients requiring a workshop or our own sale-able non-acoustic products like wooden flooring, to justify the investment.
Welcome Kevin, very interesting work. Keep up updated with your progress!

Core y
Hi Kevin,

W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!

Just keep asking questions... to get answers... :)
Welcome to the forums Kevin. Sounds like you have quite a task ahead of you. Good luck in your endevor.
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