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I live in Winona, Minnesota but grew up in southeast Wisconsin on a dairy farm. I just became a serious but still novice woodworker a little over two years ago.

Some projects completed so far include NYW Cherry Cradle, a hard maple high chair, two wooden toy train sets, some shop jigs.

I am currently working on NYW library table in red oak and some salad tongs in white oak to be sold at the church bazaar this fall.

Router use so far has been limited, but I have my dad's old Craftsman and the 2 1/4 hp Dewalt plunge and fixed base kit to work with. I look forward to learning from this group.

I hope that woodworking will help me to become more patient.

Glen Schumann
Winona, MN
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Welcome Glen! You will find lots of excellent ideas here. Post pics of your projects in the gallery section. The gallery is very helpful to people looking to build a project, I try to include comments about material, cost, anything that might be good to know before building.
Hey welcome to the forum Glen. There is plenty to learn here, and from some great guys (woodworkers- sorry Julie). It can be fun also.
the "Doctor"
Greetings and welcome to the forum!
Welcome Glen.
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