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Inverted cove bit

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Does anyone know where I could buy an inverted cove bit with a quarter inch radius and no bearing guide on the fat end. It would be okay if there was a bearing guide on the shank end. I need to cut the following profile see picture. The profile on the top has a quarter inch radius. Profile on the bottom as an eighth of an inch on the roundover part. If there isn't such a router bits anyone have a recommendation for a hand tool I could use. This is part of reconstructing an old door.


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I've never seen a bit like haresign wants but I think I found one that's close!

Another one.
so basically, you are looking for something like this ?
Did you weld that yourself, John? ;-)
TimPa that's basically what the bits that I linked to are.
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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