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Is it possible to make router table plate inserts?

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Actually, this is not that hard to do. You need to find a piece of perspex that has the same size as the router bit you want to use. Then attach this perspex to the router plate using double-sided tape or screws. This may not be the prettiest solution, but it does the work. There are also better solutions out there. For example, the Porter-Cable router plate that has a template system which allows you to change the height of the router bit just by changing the template. Or the Bosch T-profile router plate that has a height-adjustable fence.
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I am not sure what you are describing. What am I missing?

Welcome to the forum, @vogid38032

Are you referring to CNC machines?
Welcome to the forum @vogid38032
I would not use double sided tape to hold anything like a plate or insert onto a router. It's reckless and unsafe. Use screws. At least four (4). There's a problem with terminology in your post, but then, there isn't a standard for some of the terms for some of the parts. Perhaps that's confusing us.
I'm pretty sure he is talking about bases for Hand-Held router work - not mounted upside down hanging in a table.
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Edit: the original post was moved to here from a 12 year old thread that he had responded to:
I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
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