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Is the router suitable for plywood

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Soon I like to buy Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router for my woodworking need. Most of the time I work on plywood. Can you tell me that this router will work well on plywood or not?
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Should be fine, Bosch makes excellent routers.

The only consideration I would point out is that the maximum shank size for the router is 8mm. This should be fine for edge trimming and forming, and some straight cutters, but it will limit the size of cutters you can use in your machine.

Depending on what type of plywood you are using and your application, you will need to pick the appropriate bits. For grooves you can use a downshear bit, for trimming you can use a compression spiral bit.

If you are having trouble with chip out, you can pre-score or put masking tape on the joint before the cut.
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Soon I like to buy Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router for my woodworking need. Most of the time I work on plywood. Can you tell me that this router will work well on plywood or not?

yes and then some...
Buy a router with a 1/2" chuck if you possibly can.
You can always buy sleeves to fit smaller bits in. But you cant fit large bits in a small chuck.

Plywood cuts well, but the glue in the plywood will make the cutters blunt quicker than ordinary wood. Also the cutters will get gummed up with the glue, so they will need to cleaned more often.
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8mm is a small shank. You shoud definitely look for a larger shank model. There are many bits you may want in the future that are not available in the small shank. I believe you will need to find something with a 12mm (half inch US size) chuck (collet). You can get a smaller collet for a 6-8 mm sized bit shank to fit the larger model if you wish, but the smaller shank capacity will limit what you can do with the router. I am not familiar with Bosch model numbers in the Eurozone, so I can't recommend a specific model number, but you should be able to find a 12mm model easily, and I suggest you stick with Bosch. The advice on frequent cleaning of the bit is good. Perhaps a Euro member can suggest the specific model. You won't regret having a larger collet router, but you are almost certain to regret getting the one with the smaller shank size.
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Some routers have quite a few collets available for them. For example one of my Hitachi routers came with 1/2 and 1/4 but a 12mm is also available and there may be others too. There are probably Bosch models that are like that. I'm sure I've seen some of our UK members say that they were using imperial sized shanks rather than metric so you may want to keep your options as open as possible.
Cut some rabbits today with a Bosch 1617 a 1/2 inch collet and a rabbiting bit to cut 1/4 x 1/4 inch rabbit for the cabinet backs. This particular router just loafs along with the cutter.

And...welcome aboard. Or is it welcome abroad?:surprise::grin:


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Welcome to the forum.
i have sleeves for my 1/2" makita.
I have cutters in 1/4"; 6 mm; 8 mm; 3/8"; and 1/2".
If I wanted I could run the european 12 mm, but that would risk confusion with the 1/2"

A 1/4" router can take.... only 1/4"
Thank you, everybody, for sharing your experience with me. One thing is sure that this router model will work handsomely on plywood and I will start a new journey to the routing world. Of course, I am from Kolkata, India.
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