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Is this router coping sled design OK ?

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I watched this video (and many others) and this seemed reasonable and easy so I thought I would build it.
In the below picture, highlighted in blue is my base which is 1/4" thick, three layers, birch plywood (relatively flat)
On top of it I have an 11 layers piece of Baltic Pywood (3/4") and two Bessey STC HH70 toggle clamps . The clamps are an overkill for this sled but they are there on a temporary basis I can remove them and use them where I need (they are installed using insert screws)

To me this design has a flaw and that is that if you are using a thin base (to avoid having to lift the bit too much) the clamps will push the base downward and the base will bend or the base will be pushed upward putting pressure on the screws that connect the base of the sled (blue) to the base of the clamps (purple)

Should the base be much thicker ? I did try to adjust the pressure the clamps put on the piece of wood in order to avoid the base bending but it ends up with the wood that you are routing getting lose

My sled is longer but that is because later I plan to get it up to this design

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That's only for one fence setting. Sometimes it needs to be further back, sometimes further front. It's enough to change bit and use one with slightly different bearing diameter (if using these kind of bits which is quite common for coping sled operstions) to having to move the fence. Can be done using shims or other method but it complicates things a lot having to align the fence parallell to the miter slot.
True and I agree
I was just looking at the mechanics of a fence adjuster from the back side.
There has to be one like the below one that adjusts both sides in sync.
This might not work for my Bosch router table as it has slots not channel slots

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Yes something like that but I will let the needs to take me to the moment when I need to buy/build that.
Right now what I built is enough for my needs/skills. I am just a weekend warrior :) hanging out with the pros around here
Thanks for all the advice guys
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