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Well NOW I have read that some router speed controls will not work with routers that have soft start and or speed controls on the router itself. Our Bosch 1617 routers have both soft start and built in speed controls!!! All fine and good IF you are using the router when it is not mounted in a table with a dust control box but not worth a flip if you have to reach up under the table and find the speed control knob!!!!

So anyone else have this issue and did you find a work around?? I would REALLY like to have the speed control up where it is easy to reach!!!

Maybe an Adrino controller??? Like for a CNC??
Best one for CNC is the SuperPID
Unfortunately you will need to build it by adding a heatsink and a box and also bypass the internal soft start and built in speed control.

Routers that have an internal speed control (or soft-start feature) can usually by bypassed relatively easy by joining the all 3 pins/legs of the router's internal TRIAC device. This is reversible.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts