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I made a "saw guide" out of 1/4" MDF and aluminum angle stock. I have a 4 footer and 6 foot and I can see where you'd want an 8 foot at some point.

Measure your saw plate from the blade to the edge of the plate. Do this on the saw plate's WIDEST section. Let's say this measurement is 4 inches. Cut a strip of MDF. How wide? Let's say you're using 1" aluminum angle. So now you have 4" of plate, plus 1" of angle. Add an inch. You're now at 6 inches. Cut your MDF that wide. Length depends on how long your angle stock is. Now fasten the angle to the strip of MDF. I use screws UP through the MDF with washers and nuts on top. Kinda like this:

Not sure how that looks but you get the idea.

Now if you set the wide side of your saw plate on this thing, well the MDF is too wide!
That's exactly right.
Now clamp it to the edge of a table so you can saw THROUGH the MDF without cutting your table.

This should cut off a strip about an inch wide (remember "add an inch"?).
You now have a guide that you can set right at your cut line. You clamp this to the "keeper" side and run your saw plate against the angle stock.

This will reduce your maximum depth of cut by 1/4" (the thickness of the MDF), but for panels that's usually not an issue.

This falls into my "It Ain't Fancy, But it Works" category. I got this tip from an older fellow in the neighborhood where I use to live. He made cabinets and furniture of all kinds.

I use things like this because I often find myself in a position where... it's just hard to justify spending ANOTHER $25 to $50 on something I may only use once or twice.

Now... if I found I was going to be cutting panels OFTEN... then one of the store-bought guides would be in my shop in a heartbeat. :)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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