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Issues Cutting Dovetail Dados with Table Router

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Router - PC 892
Speed - 10000 & ~13000 RPM
Bit - Bosch 84703MC 14deg dovetail (1/4 collet)
Table - Bosch RA1180
Stock - The best 3/4" pine Lowe's has to offer... or, the only wood in the store.
Depth of cut - 1/4"

This is my first router project since highschool (25 years ago). I have started making test cuts in preparation for this project.

When making a dado cut for shelving I am seeing 'fraying' of the wood along the edge of the cut. This is only happening when I cut the slots. Cuts for the dovetails on the shelves themselves are clean and smooth. The fraying is consistant along the entire length of the cut. After a couple of cuts at 10k rpm I increased the speed to around 13k but the results were the same.

The wood that is not completely removed is easy enough to clear off with my fingers. But I would prefer to be making nice clean cuts if possible.

I have included some photos of the router table setup, the frayed dado, and a joined test.

My questions are:
A - Am I using the router incorrectly? I don't think I am. I have seen this done numerous times so I believe it is within the capacity of a router to make this cut. The case for the dovetail bit even shows a dado cut. I recall making these cuts back in the olden days, but not with a dovetail bit.

B - Do I need to be cutting deeper for the groove? I just eyeballed it.

C - Am I using the wrong speed for the wood stock? Should I be going even faster with pine?

D - Is this just a characteristic of pine? Would a harder wood provide a smoother cut?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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