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Italian holydays

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Hallo everybodyI am gouing to go to Italy, but i have no idea which part of of Italy to start withCould you give me some advice?Has anybody been to that country? what are your impression?Thanks you in advance
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Lucky you! What do you like to do? If you want to see beautiful scenery with views of the sea try The Divine Coast just south of Naples. Visit Amalfi, Sorrento and cross to the Isle of Capri and you are close to Pompeii if you like a bit of history.
If you're in the North, try Lake Garda and of course, Venice.
Actually just about anywhere in Italy is great - even Rome if you can stand the flamin' tourists!
Welcome to the community!
I think that both Dewalt and MCT(copy of DW625) are still making some of the routers over there in Italy, So a tour of a router factorries would be first on my list.
Might have guessed you were just an old romantic at heart, Router. :cool:
Yes indeed I am, I never go anywhere without pictures of my routers in my wallet. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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