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It's been a long time ! !

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Hello everybody,
I'm Dan from Minnesota. In a past life I was an industrial arts teacher, built log furniture, and finished my career working for a company
assembling pneumatic, hydraulic, and aluminum extrusion projects. I am getting interested in wood turning, and also bought a small cnc
router some years back that I would like to get running. I like to build smaller projects now - the kind that don't give ya a hernia trying to
move it !
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Dan, Hello and welcome to the router forum.
Welcome to the forum Dan ;) is love to see these aluminium extrusion projects . I want to build a cnc someday, and was going to make it out of extruded aluminium
Welcome to the forum Dan.
Welcome to the forum, Dan.
Hi Dan. ;)
Welcome from another former industrial arts teacher.
Welcome to the forum Dan.
Welcome, lots of guys here owe their interest in woodworking to guys like you. Sure wish more young people came under the tutilage of guys like you.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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