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New to routing. Northwest South Carolina retired male. Enjoy woodworking hunting, Church.
I bought a new router about a month ago. 1st try was a couple of name boards for my grand daughters. I'm working on getting my table set up. Looking for a novice project.

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Hi Hook

Well you came to the right spot :)
Below you will see a neat project for your grand daughters and fun for you to build for them. ( Table and Stools)
Plus many,many other projects that you can order via.e-mail or books,videos .

I recommend the box projects for most novice router workers because they are quick and easy to make and will let you get the feel of the router.

Just a note***you don't need a high end router table right off but you can make one called the $10.oo table, that's some plywood/MDF that supports the router and some plastic to make the top with.

The Router Table will let you do many more projects and they will come out the way you want them to plus you have more control of the cuts.

i..e. 3/4" x 24" x 24" ,trace the router on the back side of the plywood ,cut out the trace of the router,(jig saw) pickup some 1/4" plastic 24" x 24" drill a 1 1/2" hole in the center then bolt the router to it , now take a 2 x 4 stock for the leg support,clamp or screw the plywood to a work bench, now cut the 2 x 4 leg to fit under the plywood (leg) drill two 3/8" holes in the plywood and the 2 x 4 leg drive two dowell pins in,this will let you take the router table down when you are not using it,now drop the plastic top with the router mounted on it, in the hole in the plywood, clamp or screw down the plastic to the plywood. (clamps are best) so you can pop out the router to change the bits quick and easy.
Now find a nice 2 x 4 x 26" long this will be your router fence.
Use clamps to hold it in place.
Note***besure to cut the plywood so the router will drop in the hole with a place for the handles to drop in also.

Links below

Bj :)

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Hello hook, welcome to the router forums.
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