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I had a jammed bit height adjustment on a Craftman 315.24510 router and I fixed it.
The reason of the issue is not due to the wood dust but to a poor quality of the plastic of the red adjustment ring. After a time, on this model, the red plastic adjustment ring tend to shrink a bit, jamming on the motor case. There will be no more bit height adjustment unless you do the following.

Here is how to fix the issue:

1) remove the small clear plastic protection cover.
2) hold your router by this opening on a bench vise.
3) carefully heat the red plastic ring with a paint remover heating gun. This will slack the ring enough to turn easily.
4) turn all the way out the motor housing, Don't forget to push in the shaft bit locking pin when removing.
5) to remove the adjustment ring from the router frame, you will have to find the beginning of the sma?l locking plastic O'ring (inside the big ring) and pull it out with a long nose plier.
6) you will now be able to remove the adjustment ring and fixe it on a lathe to sand the inner of the ring. Sand very softly (120 grit)
7) also use a small metal file to polish the plastic joint of the outher of motor case.
8) use baby powder (talc) on the housing and in the ring and re-assamble the router for an easier operation.

If the ring is still hard to turn re-do the sanding of the inner of the red ring.

If doing so you saved your router, give me a "thank's".

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great post...
instead of baby talc use dry-lube...



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We've seen a few people who had this problem and I suggested the heat gun too but one member didn't have one and tried a hair dryer instead and he said that worked too. All the complaints I had seen so far were with routers that had sat for quite a while. I wasn't aware that it could be an ongoing problem.
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